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My Name is Caitlin and I am a senior trainer at Alpha Lykos!! 

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My Story

I have always been an animal person. Ever since I was a young child, I would find stray or injured animals in my yard or at the park and take care of them until they were ready to venture back into the world or until my parents found them a suitable home.

Now, as a proud parent of three beautiful girls, my love for training and canine enrichment has only intensified. My girls are the reason I find so much joy in working with dogs. I am fully committed to their well-being and spend an entire day each week preparing enriching activities for them.

My journey into the world of professional dog training began when I met Taylor as a client. I was seeking one-on-one sessions for my pup, Freya, and we also joined the Kuranda class. It was during these interactions that Taylor noticed my attention to detail and my ability to communicate effectively with the dogs around me.

Since then, I have developed a deep passion for understanding canine behavior, exploring enrichment techniques, and perfecting obedience training. With an expanded knowledge of dog behavior and handling, I am driven to assist dog owners in creating a safe and joyful environment for their animal companions.

Currently, I run group classes where I teach beginner obedience. These classes serve as a foundation for dog owners to learn essential skills that will help their furry friends grow into well-mannered, enriched members of their families.

My key interests and skills lie in puppy socialization, enrichment activities, leash training, and behavioral modification. I find immense fulfillment in helping dogs and their owners navigate challenges and foster strong bonds.

Join me at Alpha Omega Dogs, and together we can create a safe, happy, and enriched life for your beloved canine companion.

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