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My Name is Serena and i am the owner of M&M Companion retrievers. We have developed an amazing breeding and training program with Alpha lykos.

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Serena, Milo & Max's Story

Milo is a now 13-year-old Goldador who encompasses the best of both worlds,​ a Labrador x Golden Retriever. Loyal,​ stoic,​ easily trained,​ loving,​ caring,​ playful,​ intelligent,​ athletic, and a constant companion. In 2015 I fell ill with a rare form of tumour in my jaw which resulted in the beginning of my biggest health challenge so far. During this time I realised the full potential of my dear dog Milo,​ who would later become my biggest inspiration for a ‘then’ unrealised future. Milo was a force in my recovery and when I became well enough,​ I began the search for another puppy and friend for Milo. My search proved fruitless for a long time​,​ and some might even think that’s because I have high standards,​ but seriously,​ finding a Goldador that wasn’t backyard bred,​ had all the necessary health tests,​ and met best industry breeding practices shouldn’t have been too much to ask for. And so,​ the seed for my future sprouted. The mission was clear​,​ to provide a highly trainable,​ top-quality crossbreed that bought together the traits I knew fitted perfectly for the purpose of becoming the best companion dog possible and helping others heal from their own traumas. Enter Max! In 2020 a beautiful black bundle of fur a Labrador Retriever named ‘Max’ bounced into my life. Max would become the first of my stud dogs for what is now one of the highest-standard companion breeding programs available. Along with my foundation bitch ‘Aspen’ a golden retriever the gentlest of souls,​ brilliant mother who is independent, knows what she wants, and is always up for a play. Coupled together they’ve made our first two litters. And what about Milo and Max,​ well,​ they still are the best of friends and Milo remains my constant companion at age 13.

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