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Alpha Lykos
K9 Training and Behaviour 

Transform your relationship

with your dog 

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Our Story

Alpha Omega Dogs began in 2017, When founder Taylor Skinner noticed a need for a open minded approach to dog training and behavioural issues. Every dog has its own personality and not every household is alike so creating tailored plans for every client is the key.  Our name changed in 2022 to Alpha Lykos K9 Training and Behaviour.

Training  Programs

Private Lessons

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One on one lessons with you and your dog. Perfect for busy owners or dogs that don't train well in high distraction environments.

Group Obedience 


Our 8 week course is perfect for any age or skill level. In this course we will cover simple commands like Sit, drop, stand as well as leash work, stay and wait.

Perfecting skills as well as adding new commands.

Behaviour consults


This session works on any behavioural problems you may have from simple things like pulling jumping or walking on lead to aggression and anxiety problems. This session includes a consult in your home and a behavioural plan to work on. Your trainer will be in constant contact to ensure your dogs progress and will return for a follow up consult.


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