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The Squad 

Kenobi Aka Obi - Australian Koolie

Obi, our remarkable trick dog, is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to learning. He possesses an incredible ability to quickly grasp new skills and effortlessly process them. This remarkable talent has earned him the title of our resident trick dog.

However, let's be realistic and acknowledge that every positive aspect often comes with its own challenges. Obi's exceptional learning ability can also lead to bouts of frustration when he doesn't achieve the desired results or when he becomes bored with his training routine. His constant thirst for stimulation keeps us on our toes, requiring us to be creative and adaptive in our approach.

Obi's journey as a trick dog is a testament to his remarkable potential and our unwavering dedication. Together, we are constantly pushing boundaries and discovering new heights of achievement. Obi's vibrant personality and his passion for learning make every training session an exciting adventure.

kenobi obi_edited.jpg

Finan Aka Fin- Goldadore

Fin, our gentle giant, embodies the spirit of a lovable teddy bear. He delights in playtime, relishes delicious meals, and finds pure joy in swimming. But above all, Fin is a cuddler at heart, always ready to provide comfort and warmth.

Currently, Fin is undergoing training to become a therapy dog. Taylor, with a vision in mind, aims to bring Fin to schools, where he can educate children about animal care and training. Additionally, Fin's friendly and joyful nature makes him the perfect companion for visits to nursing homes, where he can bring smiles and happiness to the elderly.

As we continue with Fin's training, we are excited about the positive impact he will have on those he interacts with. His gentle demeanor and playful spirit make him a remarkable ambassador for animal welfare and the benefits of training. Together, we are shaping Fin into a source of joy and comfort for both children and the elderly, spreading his warmth and love wherever he goes.


Freydis Aka Frey- Mastiff cross 

Freydis, the youngest member of our canine family, may be small in size, but her tenacity is unparalleled. This little pocket rocket proved to be as tough as they come. Initially a foster dog from the Mareeba Animal Refuge, Freydis endured a challenging past, including malnourishment before Taylor took her in. However, adversity hasn't dampened her spirit. She has bounced back with resilience and is now poised for a promising training future.

Our vision for Freydis involves her working with children, leveraging her incredible strength and determination to make a positive impact. But as we navigate the future, we remain open to the possibilities that lie ahead for this remarkable girl. With her unwavering spirit, Freydis is ready to face any challenges that come her way and continue to inspire us with her journey of growth and transformation.


Freya - Shepadore

Freya, our training powerhouse, is the epitome of obedience. She wholeheartedly embraces and craves training, making her the poster child for obedience work. Beyond her exceptional skills, Freya also faces social anxiety, and training serves as her anchor in dealing with this challenge. Her unwavering focus and impressive speed are the envy of other handlers. Together, we continue to nurture her talents, creating a harmonious balance between her training and her well-being.

Owner- Caitlin


NutMeg aka Meg- Choc Labrador 

Nut Meg, our lovable giant puppy, has a zest for life and a particular passion for swimming. She is always ready to make a splash and enjoys indulging in tasty treats. However, Nut Meg's preference for staying close to home means she doesn't join our classes. Despite her absence, we cherish her playful nature and unique personality. We continue to provide her with the love and care she deserves, tailoring activities to suit her individual needs and interests. Nut Meg may not be a part of our classes, but she remains an important member of our furry family.

Owner- Caitlin


Jess - Golden retriever 

Jess, the queen of our pack, exudes a regal aura while maintaining an innocent demeanor that would make you believe butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. She is undeniably one of the most loving dogs you will ever encounter, always eager to shower affection and cuddles upon anyone fortunate enough to cross her path. As the eldest among Caitlin's dogs, Jess holds a special place in her heart, cherished as one of life's most precious gifts.

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