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I am Taylor and I am the Owner/Head trainer at Alpha Lykos. Animals have always been my passion in life, even from a young age. So the fact that i can help so many people with their pets is a dream come true!

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My Story

Driven by a profound fascination with animals and their behavior, I embarked on a journey that led me to rescue a dog named 'Orion' from a local community. Orion's condition was dire, covered in ticks and fighting for his life. He became my first training project, but our relationship took an unexpected turn when I was attacked by a dog belonging to a family friend at the age of 15. The incident left me requiring surgery and instilled a fear that hindered my ability to engage with Orion, for I dreaded another attack.

In the wake of this traumatic experience, I began to question the underlying factors that triggered the dog's aggression. Was it rooted in fear or influenced by other causes? This pivotal moment ignited my curiosity and passion for understanding canine aggression.

My second dog, Zeus, exhibited anxious and aggressive behavior, propelling my learning in canine behavior and driving me to study canine psychology. Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in various animal-related roles, including working as a zookeeper, veterinary nurse, and dog trainer in retail outlets. These diverse experiences culminated in the establishment of Alpha Omega Dogs.

At Alpha Lykos, my ultimate goal is to provide personalized and intimate classes that cater to the unique needs of both dogs and their owners. I am dedicated to crafting comprehensive and tailored training programs that guide participants towards their desired outcomes.

My areas of expertise lie in aggression management, behavior modification, enrichment, and trick training. To support my qualifications, I hold certificates in Puppy School, Level One Canine Training, Canine Psychology, and a nationally recognized Certificate III in Dog Training from the NDTF.

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