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Our Success is our clients success 

Emma and Alfie

Taylor and Alpha Lykos K9 Training and Behaviour has been one the best thing to happen to Alfie. Taylor is very professional and a friendly trainer. She has lead Alfie and myself in the right direction, teaching, explaining and helping us every step of the way. Alfie being a big boy, has some attitude and boss behaviour around non family members and the outside of home world, including people and dogs. We are slowly seeing the unique side of him that is wanting to improve and experience new things in his life. These things, not only are helping Alfie's quality of life, but mine too, being able to be calmer in stressful situations. When we had our first session she spent time asking a questions getting to know Alfie's personality. Finding the triggers and also coming up with an action plan of what we wanted to see from him. I really appreciate the patient and non-judgemental approach, working with me and my situation.

I am so proud of Alfie and his progress, couldn't have imagined him doing what he is doing now! Stepping outside and observing new people. Can't wait to see him continue to grow!!

Thank you Taylor!!

Serena and Moon

My assistance dog in training Moon and I spent a week in puppy boot camp with Taylor in Mareeba.

The transformation in just a week has been unreal!!! We did a lot of public access work, group training and reinforcing correct behaviours around the home.

Moon has come such a long way in a short time. He is much more attentive to me and listens under distraction. There has been a shift in his obedience and he has changed for the better in just over a week!!

I cannot recommend Taylor highly enough and can't wait for another puppy bootcamp.

Jane & David with Amiera and Zyron

I would highly recommend Alpha Lykos to anyone with a pooch, old or young and everything in between. Caitlyn and Taylor are fantastic - they are so knowledgeable and experienced and are wonderful to work with. They pay close attention to everyone in the class and focus on what each dog needs. They know the names of all the Doggos and closely watch how they interact with everyone. We love that they personally tailor homework to each individual pup and give advice on areas of improvement as well as what is working and what we are doing well. They happily answer all questions asked both in and out of class and make the classes fun as well as educational. We have put one pup through the introduction class and she is now at the next level. We have just started our other pooch as well and can’t wait to see how he progresses with their guidance and instruction. Alpha Lykos are the best!!

Lisa And Bailey

have been with Alpha Lykos since they started in Mareeba , Bailey has come so far in her training it’s become abit of an addiction and I need to keep going. Put your training in and you will reap the reward of well behaved dogs and any issues, Taylor is onto and has the answer and solution to fix the problem.

Highly recommend

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