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Alpha Lykos 

We have multiple options for you and your dog.

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Alpha Lykos K9 Training and Behavior 


By using our services, you acknowledge and accept that you are bound by our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions govern the provision of our services to you.


If you decide to cancel a service, a refund will be provided if you give us at least 48 hours' notice prior to the service's scheduled commencement. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the forfeiture of any monies paid. Once a service has commenced, no refunds, either partial or full, will be given.

Packaged sessions must be used within 6 months of starting the training program. Failure to use the remaining sessions within this timeframe will result in their forfeiture.

Payment methods accepted

Payment can be made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Online Direct Debit, or Cash. Full payment is required prior to the commencement of the service.

Your Dog's Health

We will not train a dog that is unwell. If we suspect that the dog's behavioral issues are related to a medical condition, we will cease the training session and recommend seeking veterinary advice before resuming the training program.

Training Terms and Conditions

As a client of Alpha Lykos K9 Training and Behavior , it is crucial that you follow the trainer's instructions and consistently practice the training exercises shown to you in order to achieve ongoing success with the training program. While we strive for success in our Behavioral Programs, it is important to note that results are not guaranteed due to various factors.


By using our services, you release us, our trainers, agents, and employees from any liability for injury, death, loss, or damage that may occur to your dog while under our care, during transportation, or while directly supervised by us.

Media Usage

During your training sessions, photos and videos may be taken for training purposes as well as for our social media and website. If you do not consent to this, please inform our trainers.

Attending Your Training Session/s

It is recommended that all individuals responsible for the day-to-day care of the dog attend the training sessions. This ensures that the information provided during the session is more likely to be accepted and practiced consistently. Bringing your everyday handling equipment is advisable to receive specific advice tailored to your training needs.


We believe in educating dog owners about various training equipment options. If you own any equipment not mentioned, such as a choke chain, remote training e-collar, Halti, gentle leader, or others, please bring it with you for discussion on the best type and use for your training situation.

General Information

Common sense should be applied during our training programs. This includes wearing appropriate clothing for outdoor activity, ensuring control of children who cannot participate in the training session, refraining from feeding your dog before the lesson due to potential medical complications, and contacting us if you anticipate any delay in starting the lesson.

Your attendance at Puppy School confirms your acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.

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